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What is WWWFL
• WWWFL is short for World Wide Web Football League

• Currently WWWFL is a small league but will expand as interest grows

• WWWFL Runs using the ESMS software

• WWWFL Run 1 league game a week (Mon)

• WWWFL Cup runs 1 game every 2 weeks(Fri)

• WWWFL Is free to join

WWWFLis free to play but if you dont submit your teamsheet for 3 weeks in a row you will be sacked. Below is some important infomation at the squads if you are having touble.

If you have any question please email me at

Rosters and Players
A valid roster of ESMS has a header line and a list of players with a lot of numbers near them. This section is to explain exactly what each number means. An example line from a roster file:


Name: The name of the player.
Its recommended length is not more than twelve characters in order not to make a mess in the roster file.

Age: The player's age.
After completing a season, each player is gets older by one year. It is placed in the roster with no use for the game running program.

Nat: Player's nationality, abbreviated in three characters.
As the age, it is not used by the game running program and placed in the roster only for statistics.

In ESMS, the player has no predefined position, and it is up to the manager to decide, depending on the player's skills, where he wants the player to play in each match. This feature adds a lot of flexibility to the game.

St: Is the player's shot-stopping ability. In other words, his goal-keeping ability. For the club's better performance, the manager should place the player with the highest St as the goalkeeper. Of course the manager is not obligated to do so, and it is up to his consideration.

Tk: Is the player's tackling skills.
Mostly used by players playing on the defense.

Ps: Is the player's passing skills.
Mostly used by players in the midfield, for creating opportunities and assisting goals.

Sh: Is the player's shooting skills.
It defines the player's skill to shot to goal and reach these shooting chances.

Note: From what you can see on the player in the example, his highest skill is shooting. Therefore this player will perform the best as a forward. Of course he can play in any position if needed, even as goalkeeper, but his contribution will be worse than as a forward.

Ag: Is the player's aggression.
The aggression of a player doesn't change, it stays the same for his whole career. In ESMS the aggression is a value between 1 and 100 and it defines how aggressive will the player play.

KAb, TAb, PAb, SAb: Player abilities.
Numbers which range from 0 to 1000 and can affect the player's skills.

Gam: Simply the number of games the player played.
If the player participated in a game, even if he played a single minute, it will be counted as another game when the administrator runs the roster-updating tool.

Note: The next numbers indicate the total number of different actions the player made in all the games he played for that season.

Sv: The total number of saves the player made.
Only if the player played as a goalkeeper can make any saves.

Ktk: The total number of key tackles the player made to stop scoring opportunities.
Usually defenders will make the highest number of tackles. The player in the example, though playing as forward, made some key tackles as well.

Kps: The total number of key passes made by the player to create goal-scoring opportunities.
Sht: The total number of shots to goal made by the player (not necessarily on target.)

Gls: The total number of goals scored by the player.

Ass: The total number of assists made by the player.

Dp: The total amount of disciplinary points accumulated by the player during the games.

Inj: The number of weeks for which the player is currently injured.

Sus: The number of games for which the player is currently suspended.
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