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What is WWWFL
• WWWFL is short for World Wide Web Football League

• Currently WWWFL is a small league but will expand as interest grows

• WWWFL Runs using the ESMS software

• WWWFL Run 1 league game a week (Mon)

• WWWFL Cup runs 1 game every 2 weeks(Fri)

• WWWFL Is free to join

How much does it cost?
Nothing, WWWFL is free to join and free to play.

How do i play the games?
You don't play them the software simulates them and produces a match report

What do i need to play?
To join all you need to do is provide us with a valid e-mail address then we will e-mail you with a team roster. All you need to do then is e-mail a team sheet to us the day before you have a game. e.g. If you have a game on a Tuesday you need to provide a valid team sheet on the monday.

Got any more questions? e-mail us at
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